Do your clients ride the premium roller coaster?  Call Matrix Group Benefits for predictable medical stop-loss coverage.

Working with Matrix Group Benefits, LLC, you can stabilize the medical stop-loss premiums for partially self-funded clients.  We apply our industry knowledge to help your clients by developing premiums and strategies that can be planned at budget time.   Consistent pricing is important when you are dealing with self-funded health benefit plans. Our unique approach to medical stop loss coverage and other innovative programs help your clients maintain predictable financial results.  We offer programs tailored to the specific needs of your client.

We know the ins and outs of the medical-stop-loss and risk management industry.  Put our insight to work to help your clients get off the premium rollercoaster.  When other companies try to sell you on the basis of low price, talk to us about risk management and stable pricing that will remain predictable over time.

Applied Expertise you can count on.
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