About Us

Apply our expertise to your clients who face fluctuating premiums and unstable claim costs. Matrix Group Benefits, LLC specializes in managing the risks associated with partially self funded benefit plans and medical stop-loss coverage. 

We know this industry very well and we understand the various facets that impact premiums.  Within our organization, the Matrix team represents decades of employee benefits and insurance experience. We draw from a pool of knowledge that includes medical-stop-loss insurance, life insurance, re-insurance and third party administration. We understand the client side, the hospital side and the insurance company in between. We have been in product development, sales, key management, managed care and consulting. Most importantly, we understand the financial aspects, large and small, that are impacted by every shift in provider services and charges, and changes in coverage.

We care about our clients and yours. Using a financial planning perspective, we take a hands-on approach and offer unique medical-stop-loss products that enable you to look at the financial big picture by sharing risk and anticipating rate increases. As a client of Matrix Group Benefits, you will have access to our skilled team, allowing your questions to be answered quickly and tough claims to be handled easily.

Applied Expertise you can count on. 
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