Locations & Contacts

Our corporate office is located in Portland, Maine. From this location we provide our marketing and sales service and support, new and renewal business case set up and support, compliance support and contract issuance, premium administration, carrier reporting, commission payments  and corporate accounting, claims management and new and renewal business underwriting.

The key contacts for these services are:

Marketing & Sales:
Michael M. Edwards, 207-523-8408 ext. 202

Corporate Accounting:
Timothy J. Paradis, CPA, 207-523-8408 ext. 201

Claims Management:
Timothy J. Paradis, CPA 207-523-8408 x201

Nancy Clemenz, 207-523-8408 ext. 204

Compliance and Policy Issue:

Patsy Jordan-Long, 207-523-8408 x209

Premium Administration, Commissions and Carrier Reporting

Mary Kelly, 207-523-8408 x 214